Phenom bad anodizing quality?

So I got a second hand Phenom, dark blue with gold ring. It still has original worn out sticker so I decided to swap it. Since it left sticky glue inside the grooves, I put lighter fluid and used tissue to clean them up, the thing is the anodizing color got faded and I can clearly see the tissue went blue ??? which is ridiculous. I thought lighter fluid shouldn’t affect anodizing at all since like every single other yoyo I have (I occasionally clean them with lighter fluid but nothing happened before). I thought anodizing won’t be affected by solvent? also no, this is definitely not paint.
Also even rubbing tissue on the inside (under the cap) after I removed it also turn the tissue blue-ish, that is without any solvent.

A yyf proton i used to have the same problem, but the phenom ti was fine
I v seen auldeys with this as well

Anodizing is a chemical dye process so it’s conceivable that it could come off a bit. Apparently it didn’t etch very deep. I’ve had that happen occasionally on various things.