Irony rim polish

so i somehow got a made in china handheld drill which fortunately didnt explode in my hand
question: will such a removal of the surface ano layer cause the remaining coloring to start fading faster especially on a 7075 like in this case

It won’t have any impact on the other anodizing.

Anodizing is dye that soaks into a layer of oxide built from the surface of the aluminum. It becomes trapped in the microscopic tubes that are formed when the oxide layer is built… as such, it’s basically part of the metal itself and totally independent of the dye that is around it… removing one section won’t impact any other section.


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No, it shouldn’t cause it to wear. Anodizing isn’t so much a layer on top of the metal as it is the top layer of the metal being chemically manipulated to accept dye. You’ll be fine. People do this all the time.


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Judging by the look of the remaining ano it has already seen some time with paper from the “rim” job.

Kinda cool looking like a white wash or fade type deal.

I’d polish the whole thing if it was me.