Christmas Is Just Around The Corner, Im A Little Early.

Here is my candy cane P2 :slight_smile:

You dont even want to know how long it took LOL to get everything even… hahaha.

Perfection just got a new name, Candy Cane p2

That is insane! It just looks so perfect and awesome! You just do the best dye jobs, Brett.

He didn’t dye it. I don’t think you can dye metal XD

Yes you can. It’s called a gun. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is amazing. I bet that took FOREVER to do. Especially to get it so perfect.

they use dye in the anodizing process, dont ask me how because i dont know for sure lol.

i think it is satined, correct me if im wrong Brett


Brett, you have too much time on your hand, but I admire the work that comes out of it.
I’m pretty sure he paints it, but yes you can dye metal. It just takes a lot of electricity, but that is exactly what anodization is.

Truely a piece of art

Well, don’t mislead people. That’s not what anodization is, but it’s one property of the outcome that makes it so appealing in this industry.

can you use dye to get rid of dinks? my boss gets dinks really easy


Or dings?

If dings, no.

I’d try sanding them down if they bother yo, if not, just leave them there.

will that get rid of the rest of the ano

Okay, okay I’ll try to clear it up. Anodization is a way of “Dyeing” aluminum. You can use a regular RIT dye even, but there is a catch. Metal is pretty stubborn, and it wont just take a dye. What you have to do, is set up a complicated rig (that I won’t go into detail about here) that basically uses electricity to make a bunch of microscopic holes in the metal that will “hold” the dye. Sorry for any confusion.


Whoa, SWEET DESIGN, thats a first for me, looks so precise. :o

How much would it cost to snatch it from you? LOL JJ

~gorrilla_yo ;D

i just had thought, what if you got a red and silver sharpie and did that on a drill?

or a red/red p2 and a white sharpie

It would propably come off from sweat/oil from your hands and then come off real easy on dings…

thats a good point
but i think it would be hard to make strait line cause the yoyo is like / and just think about it