pgm mods anyone

i need some mods for a pgm do any of you have some

the bearing on my dm locked up i hav clean 5 times and its still locked


PGM mods…satin maybe, but they’re awesome stock, just keep it that way.

Hhhmm, maybe contact YoYoJam, They’ll have a solution, or just give you a new bearing.

dice hubstacks maybe

were can i get those

wat bout top tips do they work on it

I’d say use a white one and do some awesome dye job. I believe that the PGM has high walls, so a schmoove wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Oh yeah. The walls are HIGH.

Paint Accessories
Glow In The Dark
Autograph It.

wat is schmoove

Like in a hectic.
Schmoove rings are rings cut into the face of the yo-yo.
Source from Yoyowiki.

YoYo Modifications Section?

Thanks for moving it.

u can just make the dice hubstacks

Hmmm… starts on dice hubstacks