New Pics


Just some more pics of my work :wink:
This is a grind machine in disguise.


Looks like that got routed!! :o

Sweet ride my man


Very very clean mod. Awesome work.


grind machine pics added

(WildCat23) #5

How’d you dye the PGM?


That look you did do that PGM is amazing!

I think I may be PM’ing you in a few weeks and having some weight ring jobs for you. Maybe some response recess and/or schmoove rings too, but nothing as massive or as cool as some of the other mods you’ve done.

I’ve also seem some of his work up close. The guy does good looking work. I don’t think we’re seeing some up and coming modder, I think we have another modder on the forum!


Blue rit dye/acetone solution with a dish soap mask

(M.DeV1) #8

That’s beautiful!