Modded Profly

Modded Profly cut to fit Protostar weight rings, recessed BuzzOn SPR, Difeo Konkave bearing, YYF PGM stacks and axle. On the heavy side at 69 grams but it is pretty stable.

So clean. have you ever added weight rings and left the wood axle?

No but I’ll give that a try, I just checked and I do have two more profly’s. I’ll post them when i do.


Oh my! What a lovely concept. It’s essentially a ButterBeeGT with HubStacks, updated Response System, better hardware, and a KonKave Bearing. The actual work done looks very Pro!

Gotta love the ButterBee, haven’t heard that in a long time. These will never see the lathe.

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yah man, I have some of those somewhere around here with the original caps from playmaxx still on them.