pgm question

ok i am stuck at my grandparents for the weekend so i want to mod my pgm i plan to dye and silli so first question is can i put silli directly in the place the k pads were or do i need to make it deeper. Two do i need acetone to dye it cause i have never modded one of these so this could be fun. The other things i want to is
clean bearing

if you have any input or suggestions please tell me and i no longer have access to a lathe so i will be doing it with one hand and a drill.

as well i am also doing a hayabusa but i am not sure what i want to do yet.

Don’t Satin it. I think. The Grind Machine already has a unique texture. If you satin it, you might make it worse. Consider it already satined.

To do Schoomve: You’ll need a longer axle, or a really small hand. Screw the longer axle into the PGM, hook the axle on a drill, and take a jeweler’s screwdriver or something to make the ring.
Silicone: I think you just pour.

Clean bearing!: At the top of this section is a wonderful guide by Samad.
Teflon: Why would you want to teflon it? Isn’t that a grease?
Polish: What do you mean? You can just rub it until it’s shiny.

Well I am satin it to get out all the scratches and dents. And I saw this bearing mod on another forum that used Teflon and polish instead of lube so I thought I might try it I mean if all goes wrong I clean my bearing again and put lube in

So you put metal polish and teflon tape in the bearing?

Not a good idea.

The PGM is perfect as it is, I don’t feel you need to mod it.

The only thing you said that I would consider is silicone and cleaning the bearing.

i know its good stock but it recently got responsive and alot of people said it worked out well

I really wouldn’t mess with anything but Siliconing and bearing-cleaning. Everything else has a major risk and/or will not work with the PGM.

like i said its already responsive so yeah and i have white one so dyeing it wont be bad… i think, when i am done i will post pics on how it turned out better or worst