Petroleum jelly


I’ve heard this stuff is great for thick lube.

I bought 2 speedles from my friend for $2 and need thick lube for looping.

I know if I but thick lube, I’ll never really use it, so I was wondering where I could get Petroleum jelly.


In case you didn’t know, vaseline is petroleum jelly. You probably have vaseline lying around.


What exacly is it used for, I might have it.


Its used for lip gloss/lip chap or whatever that lip stuff is called. I used to use it because new york is very dry, and your lips crack when you’re there and your lips aren’t moist.


Just asked my perents, we don’t have any of it.

Are there any other household items/things that can be used for thick lube?

I did use the search button, but nothing really helped.


You probably have “Singer” oil, thats sewing machine oil. It can be used as both types of lube.

Anyway, you don’t “Need” thick lube for looping. Just triple/double loop the bearing, and the speedles will play beautifully.


My old speedle had a broken in bearing, but the one I got didn’t, so the looping is varies between both of them. So thick lube will really help me here. I also tried putting a bunch of thin jube on there, but that didn’t help either.

I think I’ll buy Petroleum jelly somewhere, what I’m wondering is where, would Wal-Mart have it?


I’m pretty sure walmart would have vaseline.

But did you try sewing machine oil?


I don’t think I have sewing machine oil either. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll stop by Wal-Mart to get Vaseline, I needed mineral spirits and string anyways.


almost every store, even small corner stores, have vasalene. i was very surprised that to find that you’re house doesn’t have any.

its IMMENSELY common.


Mineral spirits ??? whats that


mineral spirits is a paint thineer that works great to clean bearings.

and i have never tried petroleum jelly before but you should be able to find it many places such as gas stations and any grocery store.


thick lube laying around the house

cooking , vegatable oil .

get some bearing greese from the garage out of the greese gun or can , take off a dust cover off the bearing and smash in some works great , bicycle , chain greese you know

vasoline is put om babys arses to stop diaper rash ,

(Marvin.D) #14

i use clipper oil

i also put it on my dm and play 4a


Walmart usually has small tubs of Vaseline in the cosmetic section for 1 dollar.
I used the tub to lube many rubik’s cubes and its still half full.
Also, i guess i shoulda said this earlier, but vaseline melts plastic a little bit, so only use on non-plastic yoyos.
btw, NEVER lube a rubik’s cube with Vaseline. use silicon spray instead.