Peter Fish Dominator

It is great for the price ($4-6!) but it is a bit light and doesn’t always respond well, but of course that can be fixed. It uses foam pad response :stuck_out_tongue: and a bearing a little smaller than a duncan bearing. They are available at some Walgreens but I would check online to make sure they’re in nearby stores. I’ve heard from some people that they’re better than Raiders :o. I don’t have a Raider but they costs as much as 5 dominators so, ya know.
You can silicone recess them to solve response problems. You don’t have to put in a groove like some yoyos.
To add weight you can put silicone under the caps. To take off caps shove a thin flathead screwdriver in between the cap and body wiggle it a little Then add silicone in the inner ring and put the cap back on after it’s dried.
But overall its an awesome looping yoyo and I would recomend it to anyone interested in learning 2a.

Please do not post direct links to stores. Instead just mention that you have seen them and people can PM you for more information.

I actually got 2 of these for $5 on Thanksgiving. I only opened one of them to try it out and after a total of 1 hour’s use, I nearly destroyed it. I did a regeneration and struck the hard floor in the house. Works great now, had to do some super glue job around the bearing seat. The other one still lives in its package today, unopened. So do watch out, the plastic is not the strongest/not meant to take any slight beating whatsoever.

I do agree, the foam pads are too slippy. I siliconed mine, still not perfect. I also added center weight to mine. Works far better than stock.