Personal YoYo Records/Goals

What are your personal yoyo records? Stuff like your longest sleep time, things like that.
Also, what are some of your personal goals that are related to yoyos?
Heres some of mine:

To one day join a profesional yoyo team (hopefully YYJ).
Own over 50 yoyos
Learn all Master Tricks.
Make it to a Worlds Compitition.
Meet Andre Boulay/Grant Johnson(hopefully both)

Mosquito Sleep Record: 43 seconds
DM sleep Record(no kk bearing or lube): 1 minute exactly
6 basic loops with a Classic Duncan Butterfly
17 hop the fences with a Duncan Imperial

Im not sure of anymore records I have but feel free to post some of your own that arent those.

Connor :slight_smile:

My personal goals are hard to say… I never really thought about it before. I just yoyo to have fun. But if I had to set a goal I would like to have Andre come to meet me and my friends. It would be so cool to hang with him for like a day. I think i would learn alot from him too. As for records idk… I have slept my speeder for a 1:30 and I started the yoyo craze at my school. Thats about it. :slight_smile:

well my personal goals are to someday be on a professional team( preferably yoyojam or Duncan) yo with any one from team yoyojam(hopefully André Boulay or anyone from team yoyojam or anyone form the Duncan team. I hope to compete in worlds yoyo contest. i hope to win first in any yoyo contest someday. that’s about it for goals right now. when i meet them I’m gonna set higher goals.
Don’t make fun of my loops i just started loops a few weeks ago and left handed last week.

As for records

Right hand inside loops: 37
Left hand inside loops: 12
right hand hops:43
left hand hops:15
longest spin time: 2 mins 4 seconds on DM with kk bearing.
Eli hops without missing going as fast as i could:35
best combo: boing-E-Boing, mach 5, split the atom, spin cycle, worm hole, over under boing-E-boing.
longest trick ever done: id say that my hop scotch trick.

Later and remember keep it spinning.

Longest sleeper that i can remember: 7 min and 44 seconds with a blood lily and kk
lyn stock, 1:40ish
kickside, shims: 1:30ish

thats all i remember, i need to time my Bear Vs. Man some time. It would be close to 10 min.