personal setup for the AC?

well I’ve absolutely fallen in love with my copper pot and wanted to know how you guys have yours set up! bearing, response, string, etc.

I’m glad you like it! Haha.
I played it with a ceramic Concave when it was mine
With twisted butane string

haha solid choice. I’ve heard a centertrak works wonders in a CLYW, to bad I’ve never had one.
anyone wanna swap bearings with me? I have specs, 10balls, kk’s… I really want a ct though.
how bout the response? would flow able be a little less responsive if I kept it a little less than flush than the snow tires sit?

Completely stock and loving it!

I am going to be ordering some new bearings soon. I know some Centertraks, Crucial Groove and KK’s for sure. The Twisted Trifecta is another good candidate. I have plenty of OD 10-Ball bearings.

it is quite amazing stock! I think I’m going to get it galaxy blasted and get the perfect setup, sell off my collection and retire from the forums with it. I’ve been looking for a yoyo to do it with, and I think I’ve finally found it!

I also use a ceramic concave bearing in my cryo. Rockin the stock snow tires with some Toxic Bg1s. Awesome throw, totally in love with it.

Don’t have one… Yet ;D! But my expierences with my CLYWs (chief, peak, canvas, wooly marmot, avalanche in the mail) they respond rather well to ten ball bearings, that’s what I put in them, ive placed a center track in my avalanche in the past and loved it, I imagine the new twisted strings bearing would be something to purchase soon just by the sound of it, KKs, Crucial grooved, center track, ten ball, terrapin, twisted strings trifecta, I enjoy the stock clyw bearings as well, de shielded or shielded is all personal preference some I leave shielded and some of them I leave them deshielded depending on the lube i use on them and how the throw responds to deshielded or shielded. As for string with clyw, In the past I haven’t had anything other than polyester and I still like it, it’s not the greatest stuff in the world but it gets the job done, I’ve had hamstrings and I liked them they just weren’t really my thing, I love how markmont dragon strings play with nearly every clyw, I know canvas and chief for sure, but I’ve heard the string works great with the artic circle I’ll comment in this thread or leave a review in the review section when I get my yoyo string lab type x string. As for response stick with what your comfortable with, personally I like the snow tires, flow groove, general yo thin hat pads, and flowable silicone. However Im really wanting to try the monkey snot, maybe even the twisted strings stuff. Enjoy the Artic Circle! I can’t wait to get mine next run!

Was loving mine stock, then decided to try it with a 10 ball so I swapped bearings with my Code 2. I actually prefer both yoyos following the swap. AC with the 10 ball and Code 2 with my CLYW bearing. I thought the Arctic Circle was smooth before the 10 ball and now it’s this quiet, floating, oh man…it’s just amazing.

I have mine set up with a center- trac bearing, snow tire response, and dragon strings.

I threw in a kk, sillied one side and kept one side with the pad, holy hell I definitely recommend this!

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I’m a total n00b so take this with a grain of salt:

Stock Snow Tires

The OD 10 Ball was instantly my favorite bearing upon first use. I’ve used a total of 4 different bearings. It seems to be the most commonly endorsed bearing from the reviews I’ve read. I’m probably going to get the Trifecta as well because it makes me laugh having all that business going on in there.

I’ve tried about 6 different poly strings and these dragon ones stand out the most. It feels like a tiny rope instead of a string. I really like the idea that a lot of time and attention went into the string that my precious toy holds on to for dear life.

Snow Tires: as I said I am a n00b so I have never poured silicon. I’ll give that shit some time…Monkey Snot sounds like the way to go based on the name alone.

Out of the gate I put a 10ball in with BG1 string… but I just got my hands on a Trifecta, slipped it in, with a Project X string… loving it.

Changed the axle to give it a very, very, very miniscule vibe.
Threw in a 10 ball concave
Kept the Snow Tires cuz they’re one of the few pads I like (plus I don’t have any sili right now :()
YYSL Type 2 ofc

-I have a Center Trac in (which is very good in the AC)
-I’m keeping the Snow Tires in because I really like that response and now CLYW has the recess just right
-And I’m using Markmount Dragon String

you tried to add vibe, or am I reading that wrong?
and just curious, how does everyone feel about the ceramic terrapins? good in a clyw?

I got a Center trac bearing with a half side one drop flow groove and kept the other with snow tires. I use 10% white cotton strings.

No you read that right. Stock ACs are too smooth and I like a CLYW vibe.

Ceramic terrapins are a YES for CLYWs

So you like a lil vibe? Thats interesting. Personally I like a dead silent bearing and a smooth vibeless spin. With a solid colorway I cant even tell if the throw is spinning or not.

This is very calming and meditative to me kind of like those chinese water fountains with the dragon holding a marble sphere in its mouth that spins around as the water spills around it…Cant seem to find a video of one of those but I’m sure some of you know what I mean.

You should learn to accept vibe. Nothing in life is perfect.

Plus you’ll be much happier buying/trading yoyos with others.

Just my take on it.