What's your Yo-yo Set-up?

Well, I haven’t seen this thread here, So I post it. :slight_smile:

You can post all Set-up’s of Your entire collection if you want, or you main throw today.

Here’s mine,

YoYoJam Speedmaker:

*Stock YYJ Bearing, Shields off

Duncan Freehand Zero:

*No Logos
*Silver and Gold Spacer
*Dual Silicon Recess
*Stock Bearing, Shields off


CLYW Peak: Same setup as the way they sent it to me.
GM2 (which is now broken): Same bearing it came with (naturally broken in) and new silicon rings
DM: Took out the ring. Put in a KK bearing.

I don’t do much setup for my yoyos.

cool thread idea!
most of mine are stock but i will say the ones that aren’t.

SKYY chacer: kk bearing

FHZ: sili recesed and badly modded

Throwmonkey: sili recesed, one side fell out so its acts as a schmoove ring and it plays pretty well

and thats all the changed ones

DM: electrical tape rims and SPEC.
Hectic: YYJ bearing
thats pretty much it.

Why electrical tape?

888x, G-string intentus, 10ball bearing.

YYJ bearing(i need to clean the spec)
100% yye poly

Silicone/Hat Pad.
PFS 20/80

Plastic Grind Machine 2.0
Stock bearing shields off
50/50 purple string

Yomega Mavrick
Cleaned Bearing
Poly string

All of my yoyos…
YYN Bearing (Or stock bearing if its a small bearing)
Red Silicone (Or One Drop pads if it doesnt take sili)
YYN Highlights

-thin shims
-vapor rings
-poly 100% string

-golden bearing by taka
-vapor rings
-poly 100% string

-Cleaned bearing
-poly 100% string

-Unknown bearing
-rubber glued on pads (i dunno)

-One side yellow
-One side blue


kk bearing
thick shims


one drop 10-ball bearing

Threadz Nylon Poly

I don’t mod at all, so any yoyo I use has stock everything.

ALL YO’S =YYE 100% POLY STRING and my bass has duncan sili stickers, with a stainless steel bearing, and my hectic and BOSS have SPEC’s and K-Pads

DV888 new yyf bearing (replaced the old)
dif-e-yo dont remember the name, with the kk it came with, added weight rings
grind machine: hubs but it came with bad hub stack bearings.
big yo: stock
speeder: took out caps
Xcon: yyf bearing, took out caps, atempt to glue mod but failed and i put the O rings back in

General-Yo Hatrick: SPEC Bearing
Dv888: Stock (Replaced Bearing and K-Pads though)
888x B-Grade: Hubstacks Off
PGMv2: Stock (I like the hubstacks off, but I made up this sick trick with hubstacks so they are on ATM.
X-ConVict: Stock
DM: Caps out, Sanded rims (I beat the thing to a pulp when I was starting out, looks like new now)
My Trajectories are both stock.

I use orange YYN Highlights on all of my yo-yos.

New Breed :
-SPEC Bearing
-YYE 100% Polyester (I’m willing to buy yoyoGstring soon)

Lyn - Removed O-Rings and sili’d it
Die Nasty - Stock
Freehand2 - Stock minus a friction sticker and caps
Dash - Stock w/ 100% poly string so I guess not really stock

I will be cleaning the bearings soon on all of them, just haven’t had time to.

I use highlights on most things, obviously cottons on old loopers and certain yoyos.

My main PLAYER at the moment…


You can JUST see it in the top corner haha.

Rozzor by Werrd. All black with polished “white wall” sides

Stainless Steel bearing (Stock)
One side “Rubber” (Stock)
One side cut ghost ring.
Orange Highlight - Shortend by tying another slipknot.

Lots of love for this at the moment, spent alot of time on my pacquiao yesterday aswell.

Two large bearing Duncan Silicon Pads

TAKA Gold bearing

Orange Highlight - Shortend by tying another slipknot.