Custom Reactor mods..

Hey guys. I was hoping that someone might be able to suggest some mods that might be done to my older custom reactor to widen the gap and make it unresponsive?

not sure if I should just leave it be and perhaps get a current undersized yo and forgo the mods.

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

If you are intent on doing something you could try shimming it a bit, but that may cause problems w/the string snagging. I don’t recall what the bearing seat looks like on those. Otherwise cleaning the bearing always helps.

Nothing can really be done. It’s a yoyo with an older generation bearing seat. Might accept a A sized bearing though. You could send it to a modder to have it recessed and a new bearing seat and axle, although I would imagine that would be quite expensive.

I found this on another forum

a. beefcake it. reactor plays great with 2 custom bearings.
b. duncan it. i’ve never liked the way they play with duncan-sized bearings, but some people dig it.
c. recess it. this is how i set mine up. i recessed mine with one thin dif and a clean custom bearing. it handles pretty much anything i throw at it. recessing aluminum is tricky though.

Thanks for all the suggestions guys. I will try to beefcake it and see how it plays. I will also try the duncan bearing and maybe a friction sticker or the older TC turbo discs.

I have thought about getting it recessed but for the money I might as well just get a popstar or something along those lines. Thanks again for the help.

I pulled out my Custom Mag Avenger to check it. It actually came w/2 bearings and a fixed axle spool. I’d forgotten that.