Perils of learning Magic Drop


Ahhhhh, the days of learning the yoyoexpert trick list  :D. Pretty fun right ?

You probably breezed through brain twister, split the atom etc etc.  8)

Yet every now and then there comes a trick you just don’t get. Magic drop is one of those tricks.

If you were one of those people trying to learn magic drop, it might look something like, well, this…

How long did it take you to learn magic drop ?
Have you learned it yet ?


:stuck_out_tongue: Love it. Took me a while to learn magic drop. Probably about 2-3 weeks of solid solid trying. The bane of my existence for quite some time now has been the superman rejection. Ive watched every tutorial including Greg P’s and still just can’t seem to get that rejection to finish the second half.

I hear ya though, magic drop is a doozie! Nice video, love the video quality. I liked your other videos too, they were funny.


Bloody magic drop! I usually cheat a little and use my NTH thumb to help with the rejection :wink:



Why do you say “perils”? Good vid btw