Perfect routine?


There is one small mess-up here.  Can you find it?


I do not know about the “small mess-up” I just think it was fabulous.



Idk, that’s the only thing that looked anything like a mistake to me :stuck_out_tongue:




that one was pretty good…

I’d say this is another recent example of a perfect routine:
super great stuff all around.

EDIT: I guess he missed one of the slack whips at ~0:40


Blimey! Those were both nothing short of incredible. :o

Has there ever been a totally flawless 1A performance?


Yea, I remember seeing 2 or 3 before, I can’t remember which though


It wasn’t perfect.  There was a mess-up at 2:13.  Accidental grind.

(2Sick Joey) #9

I didn’t see any accidental grind at 2:13

(Former National 4A Champion) #10

When he goes for the whip, his hand tipped it slightly. I don’t think he meant to. I doubt the judges took anything off for that, though.

4A is easier to call flawless because there is not a lot of techy tricks. In 1A, it is a bit harder to tell if a routine is perfect. However, starting at 11:00 - - Kurti got one.

(major_seventh) #11

Right before the whip. I saw it. So minor though.

(major_seventh) #12

Jensen’s 2011 WYYC Freestyle was pretty close BTW.


also… this was the first perfect routine that I ever saw.

still amazing.


I think the routine was simply amazing!