Peoples choice review of a reasonable priced yoyo

I decided to let all the throwers decide what yoyo I should review.
This will run for 4 days. At the end of that time, I will buy whatever is voted for the most.

Happy throwing

The Duncan Raptor is a great throw.

I never thought I’d bump a post like this.

Special thanks to the moderator who got rid of jayyos and my comments

Pretty interesting selection on that list. How long did it take you to come to those choices and what if anything guided your choices?

I just wanted to stay below 60$ and avoid YYF stuff. Because, you know, what’s a review of a yoyo most people have.
But I came up with the list pretty quick. I was mainly sticking with more recent releases.

Echo FTW!

Di Base… I wants one.

Yeah, I wanna see a really in-depth review of these.

Motion seconded er… Thirded!! I was gonna buy one but wanted to wait for a solid review.

Yeah, fourth that!