Peoples choice review decided!

Duncan Echo 10 (14.3%)
Duncan Metropolis 5 (7.1%)
C3 Di-Base 14 (20%)
YYJ Speeder2* 8 (11.4%)
YYJ X-con professional 12 (17.1%)
Shinwoo metal (post in comments what) 2 (2.9%)
OD Cafe Racer 7 (10%)
RecRev Oscillatrix 12 (17.1%)

I shall buy a Di-Base and should have the review up in a week or so.

Thanks to all 55 of you who voted. This is a lot of fun.

I voted for the Speeder 2, mainly since I have one and enjoy and wanted to see what someone else thought about it.

I know a lot of people want to hear about the Di Base. This isn’t about winning or losing. Either way, I look forward to reading your review! All I can say is I hope that for you, it’s a winner.

I want the Di-Base. So i’m looking forward to your review.


That’s great! Make sure you buy the beadblasted ones though, as they are better looking as well as great grinders.

Actually. Don’t.

The S2 was my personal choice. I was actually wanting to review that more than anything.

Then you should have. But I guess you want the yoyo community to make all the decisions for you.


In the mean time, your sitting in a dark room, obsessing over MLP, wishing you had a better life rather than getting on peopes “list of people who need to be done in.”

FYI; I woulve bout the S2, but I decided to see what the community wants instead. It’s called “being a real man.”


Well, personally speaking, I prefer to choose how I spend my money, but that’s just me speaking for me. Who knows, maybe someday I’ll do something like that myself.

I respect your gamble at letting the community decide what to buy. You picked, they chose from that list. So, regardless what was picked, you did have a say in it and therefore regardless, you end up with something you could have lived with. You can always go and buy what you really want later.

In fact, I’m going to consider doing something like this later on myself when I get to be a better player and am capable of doing good reviews properly AND have the cash to spare. It sort of sounds like fun.

I literally laughed out loud, cause of the fact that Im actually in a very very bright room at the moment due to recording a film project, obsessing over MLP maybe yes, and I love my life more than you even know. Life is all good bro.

Livin the dream.


OK, I think we should lock this thread or let it go.

I don’t see how a film crew ON THE CLOCK would let their client take the time to go hit a web form and post messages. Also, since film crews and their gear tends to take up a fair amount of space and make a fair amount of noise, I doubt that nearby apartment dwellers are going to appreciate the increase to their normal ambient noise. And even if it’s a video crew, I doubt they are going to want to “pause for the cause”.

Film is expensive. I think the term is being used as a generic term for recording of visuals.

Right now, I’m trying to convince a client why I’m going to charge him a third of my normal day rate, while he wants to only pay a sixth, when it’s a 14 hour job.

We are recording a juggling promo for a friends show site. Not a large feature length film.
We have 2 cameras. 3 lamps, filters, backgrounds etc. Just finishing up when I got online to post here. :slight_smile:

What you shooting on? Super16? 16mm? 35mm? Or you on some digital video format?

(Sorry, I work with a lot of film-makers. I have a major local art institute begging me to teach audio there as most of their audio students are already coming to me trying to get better audio training)

Were shooting on a canon XA a1 and a 5D Mark III for high speed slo-mo.
Its basically for our friends website he’s setting up for his juggling show.

When did the Canon 5D Mk III come out? ???

Not sure, my friend has had his for only 1/2 a year or so. Really nice camera though. Saving up to get one myself.

I love the way these threads twist and turn as they go along and we end up in some country completely foreign to the neighborhood we started out in. So where did we land here, the peoples choice review decided the Canon 5D MkIII is a really nice camera and Josh is saving up for one although koenigseggfire would have actually preferred Speeder 2 but decided to bow to the communities preference and buy and review the C3 Di-Base?

I should start posting my stuff in the ‘unrelated’ section. Because every time Jayyo gets in my threads, thats where they end up heading.


But he’s been around for a while, so he’s allowed to do that. Why he’s allowed to do that I have no idea.