A video I wanted to make.

Shows my progress in 4a and a homemade combo.

Comment, criticize, do whatever you like!  (Please follow rules though.)  :smiley:

P.S.  For 1a I was using a Dm2, for 4a a Go big. :smiley:

Can you find the pencil?


Pencil above right ear.

Nice bind on the off-string the end.

I’m not anywhere near that on 1A or 4A. Still having fun. Today, I’m working on a rolling trapeze and bro to a ninja vanish. I CAN do it, I’m just trying to improve the consistency.


Haha, yeah good job!

Do you have a video for that?


Thanks! Sometimes I surprise myself. This is clearly one of those times. But, this is one of those tricks where eve though I’ve had no help getting this one together, I was shown by theroybit how to do Ninja Vanish, which gave me the confidence to try this one. So, I strongly recommend throwing with others for the challenge and the further enjoyment. He’s shown me all the GT’s I know and helped with quite a few other tricks.

Here’s the video:

It’s the trick he goes into after talking about the main trick, which I actually learned from TMCertified. What I do want to learn is how to get out of that mount by doing a series of underpasses and I end up I think in a trapeze. I just have to find my video on that. I like to have options for getting in and out of stuff. Kind of doing combos while learning. I’m trying to get into the habit of “keeping things moving”.



I can do that Studio42!




Any other thoughts?



I even smiled.


Man love the style, no halts anywhere. Keep it up!


Thank you!







Did you find your video on that?

I would love to know how to get out of a ninja vanish into a trapeze by doing underpasses.


Bumpity bump


Anyone else?

This was my entry for a competition. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m having fun too, I just noticed you said your having fun :smiley:





Almost 500 views. :smiley: