Pen spinning


anyone do Pen spinning


i can sorta do it, but i fail


I can do a thumb spin but thats it. I never felt the need to learn any more.


I’ve tried, but I’m too used to the weight/length of drum sticks. pens are too light for me.


i tried, but failed


Ya i suck too. Just wondered. Does anyone know how.


Used to. Retired from psing for yoyoing^^

Used to be pretty active on UPSB. If i would’ve kept on going… id would’ve been doing it for…5 years… 0.o

haha… i still do it alot durng class, i can still pull off my old stuff, and i also still have some of my mods xD




alrite alrite. ill make one tomorrow.


here you go! haha … im kinda rusty. havent picked this thing up in a while… and as in a while… last month… lol


That isnt a regular pen. Where do you get one like that? I would like to take up pen spinning, just the basics, to do during class when I am bored out of my mind.


oh. you make them yourself. From parts and bits from stock pens you find. we usually use imported pens from korea, germany, and japan. But alot of parts can be found here in the U.S. So we order online alot to get these parts.

yea. modding is a big part on Pen Spinning. We dont really buy our pens like that.

We mod them to for us to spin better, easier, and make them look more awesome.^^

Like… we customize them adding more weight, and grip on the tips. to make a more balanced pen.

Check out . UPSB *Google it

if your still interested.xD

they’ll probably help you more than i ever could. ( :


your awesome. can you teach me. make a vid for that maybe


Teach you? well in not that much of a teacher. but i can try i guess?

but if you really want to learn i recommend you check out UPSB.
for tuts i highly suggest KTrinh93 on youtube *i learned form him too xD


I penspinned befor I yoyoed. Only have spinz pens though…


I learned from him too!




How do you make mods?


that is rusty??? ???


Here are some mods