Can someone please part with a beginners pen spinning pen??

jordandarkmagicII here!! I was thinking about learning how to do some pen spinning so that I can have something to do when I have to go on a long car ride to get to LA which is about 8-9 hours away from where I live, but I can’t exactly buy a pen for pen spinning right now… So I was wondering if anyone had an extra pen for pen spinning that would be good for a beginner!! I am going on a long trip at the end of August so I was wondering if someone could please consider sending me one!! It would mean sooooo much to me!!! Plus I will count it as a trade and I can give you some good feedback for it!!! Thank you so much!!!

If you do send me one, I will try to get something to you in the future!!! Please PM me if you can donate a pen spinning pen to me!!! please consider!!! Thanks a bunch!!! Jordan out!!!

Hey I dont think you can ask for free stuff on this forum. Wether it be yoyo related or not. Sorry

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I said that I would try to give them something if they gave me a pen spinning pen!!

I was always under the impression that the point of pen-spinning was that one always had a regular pen around that you could trick around with.


Well, I am trying to learn how to do the pen spinning tricks but I can’t do them with the pens that I have tried with… I need an actual pen spinning pen…

Trust me, it doesn’t make it much easier. If you really want something I’d suggest going to a store and buying some rsvp pens. They work a bit better than most, especially if you put the cap on the back.

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That is correct, but I’m leaving this here because of the suggestions given by others.

Ah, I see.

Good Idea.

Not being able to do something is the first step of learning.


You could always make a spinning pen.That’s what a lot of people do ,but it still makes it really hard.

The first pen that I used was a pencil actually and it worked very well. Just take some of the pointy erasers and put on each end of the pencil after you remove the metal part with the originial eraser. I also cut a small piece of a grip and put on each end. It worked very well and is not too heavy to spoil you. Hope that helps.


Penspinning is fun!

any pen works fine.

Yes, but modded pens work way better.

I suggest attempting to acquire one of BIST’s Precision Pens/Finger Baton for Pen spinning. I hear they are absolutely amazing for it.

Just make a double ended pen. They are really easy to make.