Pen Spinning?

(InvaderDust) #1

I just bought some of my first pens to try my hand at spinning. Any pen spinners here? Seems a natural addition to the kendama, begleri, yoyo world. I may be late to the party, but looking for others’ thoughts and experiences with modded pens as a skill toy.


I can do the thumb around and reverse thumb around. Also the thing that spins it between your ring and middle finger to middle and index. Thats about it :-\ :slight_smile:

(InvaderDust) #3

Sweet! Once you got down the big 4

Thumb Around
Finger Roll

then try to learn each one starting at different finger positions. For instance thumb around pushing with your index, then pushing with your middle, and so on. Then the reverses of each. Before you know it by going from one simple twirl to another, its starts looking good real fast. :slight_smile: Keep it up!