Anybody else a pen spinner on here?? ???

(J△NW△LF W△LF) #2

I penspin, but you should get this moved to the skilltoy section though.


Oh wow. I didn’t notice that there was one.


Using my
With more grips for more weight


Penspinner checking in. A fidgety disposition combined with lots of time sitting at a school desk back in the day naturallly lent itself to penspinning.

I write with an RSVP MX at work, so I pretty much spin it whenever I’m not writing with it. Sonic Harmonic is a personal favourite of mine.

I’ve taught a fair amount of my friends to thumbaround as well. Knacky, but they’re always really happy when they get the hang of it. ;D


I didn’t expect much of a response, so this is pretty great :smiley:
I’m spinning a Bictory
+Pilot G2 Grips
+Zebra Z-Grip tips
+Purple paper insert