I was just wondering if ur a seller how does pay pal protect u

Anybody no

You get your money faster.

In effect, you’re ensured that you’ll get the money you’re selling the yoyo for, if you ask for the money before you ship.

My apologies if I used to much punctuation for your tastes…

Ooo ok thanks you can take the money out of the pay pal account right

Yes you can. Link your baank to it to get verified. Then you can deposit the money from your paypal to your bank. Or you can request a check. That takes time though.

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Even better is if you become a premier member, you can get a debit card that’s linked directly to your PayPal balance so you can use it at point of sale and at ATMs for quickest account access.

And I assume your original question was geared toward their Seller Protection policy. Basically from what I understand of it, PayPal will also protect sellers from potentially fraudulent claims by buyers, such as a dispute of delivery or condition of the item. So pretty much they’re just saying that their “protection” policies are not one-sided and do apply to sellers as well as buyers.

i am thinking about being a premium paypal uses how much extra is it?

It’s free!