PayPal percentage take out?

So I’m selling string now for 10 for $5. I feel it’s a great price and I’m getting the money I deserve for making it. But how am I supposed to keep buying thread if I get less than what the cost is? My first sale, via Paypal. I want to sell string and get $4 in my bank PayPal cash whatever. I don’t want to sell it for $4 and get $1.50-2.50.

So what should I do to get the money without charging too much? Is there a way to get PayPal to not take the percentage?

Also, what is the percentage? Do you think I should charge a extra amount if someone uses PayPal? Like String is $5 shipping included- methods of payment- PayPal (adds so and so) such blah ect,

Any opinions on what I should do?

The charge is 3%. There is not a way to have them not take it out. Well, there is if you do it as a gift but once they find out you’re abusing the system they will do something about it. And, most people won’t want to pay as a gift because, then, they have no buyer protection if you steal their money.

I don’t like the new system. They used to have an option to choose who’d pay the fee, which I liked.

But you can use this:

You will not get 1.50-2.50 for 4$, you will get 3.78$ for 4$, or 97 cents per dollar. Sending as a gift is not the right thing to do, and like Buddha said, you could get in trouble. I doubt you will lose too much at 3 cents a dollar, I would just deal with it to stay moral and out of trouble.

This is against the PayPal TOS.

If I were you I’d just calculate the fees with that paypal calculator link, and adjust the price accordingly. It shouldn’t be too much and it’s understandable to price string worth your time, if you’re making them worth the price.