paying by cash

I live in Hong Kong and I can’t get items from yoyoexpert cause I have no card and yoyoexpert doesn’t accept foreign currency is there any other yoyo sites where I can pay by cash? :-[

I can not think of a single store that is online and accepts cash payments.  You can’t even mail cash here in the states legally.

If your in Hong Kong, why not hit up YoStation?
They are in Hong Kong, you could probably catch a bus there.

thanks I bought a speeder from there and soon (like in 2 days) the HOLY konkave bearing will arrive and set its mystic powers in my yoyo( which means I’m going to buy it)

Hands down one of the best stores out there. If you’re in Kowloon (九龍), this is the place to hit. WIDE selection.

He can only catch a bus if he’s relatively close to the area. Might be a bit of a drive (or swim) if he’s anywhere else in the HK SAR. Of course, he said he was there, so I’m taking it he’s local. Didn’t catch that at first.  ;D