Wondering about your stock of 888's

This post is kinda for Andre I guess, or whoever does purchasing. I am planning on buying an 888, and I have purchased from you multiple times. I would really like to continue to give you my business, because I believe in loyalty. I was wondering if you would know when you will be getting in more 888’s, or even if your going to be carrying Skylines.

The answer is yes to both of these - YoYoFactory was at Toy Fair and just returned. They will be shipping orders soon we were told. We should get 888s first and Skylines to follow at a later time (hopefully not too much later :wink: )

Cool. I might save up for a Skyline, and becasue we can send cash here, I think his might become my main yoyo-buying place.

Sorry for the thread jack, but are there any other compnies coming? Cause I really want a CLYW. :slight_smile:

Wait, you can send cash here?! :o

Yes!!! Its soooooo cool. Once YYE gets more things, I am gonna order everything here.

That is cool. It might be the same for me then. :wink:

HOLY SSSHHHIIIIZZLE! That would be awesome to get more co. here and I had no idea that you can send cash! This place is sweet!

I hope you guys are not sending actual dollars in an envelope ???

Please, for your own sake, use a money order, at least.

You should never send cash, in case it gets lost or something. Once cash is lost, it is gone and you are out of luck. A money order will protect you so that it can only be cashed by the person you made it payable to. You can buy one at the post office for cheap.


Well, you can so long as it is wrapped tightly. I told André I was sending cash, and he was okay with it. Once he gets it, he will send my products. Also, I believe Kim-Lan has done this several times.

Seriously, Samad, and everyone else. You should never send cash in the mail. It has nothing to do with Andre; he is an honorable guy who would not do you wrong. Like I said earlier, if that cash gets lost in the mail, you are out of luck. A money order can be secured and, if lost, can be replaced without loss of funds to you. It is worth the extra effort to get to the post office to buy it.

On a related note, if you must send cash (despite my warning) please do yourself a favor and NEVER send cash to someone you do not trust. Not to knock the yoyo community, but I am sure that some people who trade yoyos for cash just might lose the envelope with the money in it once they receive it, if you know what I mean…

Good Luck out there!

I agree with erik, Sending just cash in envelopes can be very dangerous if lost, or someone may be curious and steal it if you aren’t careful. that is just what i think

Andre, your site rocks. I found some 888’s in stock a few other places, but I would much rather buy here. I will be buying a Skyline and an 888 from you :slight_smile: Now if you would only carry 100pk string bundles, I would never have to go anywhere else!

Working on that too - time will tell. :wink:


YES! Finally 100 pack. Is 50 points good for the 10-15 age group for the MAStates. I want to go to a yo-yo contest soon. I want to see how I will do.


oh awsome, I have been waiting and waiting for more
888’s. I especialy like the black ones.

          keep spining


Yes, black ones look very nice. I have a Aqua one. it’s amazing. :wink:


ok this is now my main buying site cause u can send cash that was awsome of andre very clever

How do you send cash in? Just put it in an envlope and adress it here and then Andre will send you the item you wish for?

EDIT: Will you ever get more brands in stock?

Wait, so you can send cash, and save it up to the yo-yo you want? like send 5 dollors, then the next day another 20 dollors then you can buy a yoyo for 20 dollors plus the shipping?

I think he meant save up as in the “piggy bank” sort of way, not like that.