Pay It FWD Reflection

It has arrived! I tossed some packs of Throw-Yo strings in the box for the next person and slapped one of the Unfiltered Gentian Violet strings on it.

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Glad to see it made it in safely! Looking forward to hearing some thoughts!

It’s just about time for me to pass this on to @James123213. I’ve loved this throw, and it’s the first bimetal I’ve thrown that didn’t feel like it was trying to get away from me!

The color is also :cook: :kissing:

I am glad to hear you enjoyed your time with it!

For general reference here is an updated list!

  • James123213 (upcoming)
  • iris
  • spenny93
  • Back to home!

Looks like the Reflection made it to @james123213 on the 22nd. Enjoy the throw!

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Im looking forward to this one!

Counting the days lol

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Can we start a international shipping chain :smiling_face_with_tear:

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Sadly need to close this out as it’s going to replace the personal purple one I’m sending out to William.

I hope to revisit the design soon to either go back to the Ti Ring version, or a monometal


@james123213 any update! Just a check-in to see if it will be on route to @iris soon!

Yessir I’ll pack it up tonight and get it out who’s it going to next? Sorry had some car issues that took my attention away for a few!!! But now ya boy is driving again!

Reached out to iris about address and will be packing it up tonight!

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Sounds good! Hopefully it was a good time!

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Loved the throw the shape is simply amazing!! Super stable and super floaty really fun!!

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@iris please send me your shipping info as I need it to send it onto the way to you!!!

If iris doesnt want in let me know ill take next :stuck_out_tongue:

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This has arrived!

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