Pay it forward JT Mirage

Just your standard pay it forward. I have two Mirages and I just thought I would send one off. As usual if you put your name down and receive the yoyo please cover shipping to the next person. I’ll throw in some strings and maybe a counterweight. I think everyone can keep it for two weeks at a time if that sounds good. Also feel free to play this 1a, 5a, or 3a if you have a second. A little bit of damage never hurt anyone.


Id like to try it


Id like to take it next!

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Count me in…

Is this the newer Mirage release after they widened the body and marketed it as full size? I would love to try out a newer one. I messed around with a 2019 release.

Yeah this is the newest version from 2020. @TylerCFreem

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Sweet! Add me to the list please.


Add me to the list

I’d like to get in the que as well!


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The bird has landed! Time to play! :hugs::hugs::hugs: