Pay it forward silenus

There was a discussion about the OG and the new model. Check a few comments above this.
@Theycallmecotton just a heads up @MattB asked/ called it.


Yeah, except the nipples on both of mine are flatter than the photos of this one. :man_shrugging:t2:

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Going to Matt!

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Silenus arrived today. Yep, this one is different than the two I have, which are slightly different from each other. They definitely changed the cup and tweaked the gap. The overall impression is the same between these two compared to other yoyos I have, so not a big difference in play feel between them. The older, pay-it-forward version is 0.14g lighter. My newer version is the red one.

(I just realized that I accidentally digitally marked up the one on the left when I was putting in the arrow. It doesn’t really have that grey highlighter swipe on the actual yoyo, lol.)


Wow, there’s a lot of difference between those! It looks like a different throw altogether. Which one plays better in your opinion?


Not a big enough difference for me to say.

Wow, now that they’re side by side, the differences are obvious! Looks like I managed to document only 2 of the changes in my previous post. Funny how I didn’t notice the much lower nipple in the cup from looking at store images though, that’s something that should have been pretty obvious.

Well, that was fun getting to try out this yoyo and comparing this version to mine. It’s really one of my favorites. Nice and light feeling, comfy in the hand, yet performs great too. Time for me to pass it on to the next person requesting it.

Here are the rules so you don’t have to scroll up the thread:

I’ll send the Silenus to the next person to post “I’ll take it” here in this thread! (DMs don’t count, it’s gotta be posted in the thread to keep everything fair.) Contiguous 48 U.S. states only please.

HOWEVER, by accepting the yoyo, you are only allowed to keep it for about a month and then will be responsible for posting a post similar to this one, in this thread, and also for shipping the Silenus on to it’s next destination.

So let’s get the next stage of the Silenus’s travel rolling! An eternal curse on the player who breaks the chain!


Every time I see this pop up for over an hour, I want to snag it back to Wisco for secondsies! Had a great time with this throw back in September.



Still available and fun to throw. Besides adding to the list of where it has been, there was a bunch of string to try that people have added.


I can’t believe this is still up for grabs! Trying all the different strings that came with it was one of the things I really enjoyed as well.


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Well since no one else has said it…

I’ll take it!


PM sent :smiley: