Pay it forward silenus

Hi, Shapapy!

What part of the world do you call home?

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Marlton, New Jersey. About 20 minutes outside of Philly.


Excellent… 11/50

WI, AL, NY, OH, MA, WA, CA, SC, KS, MD, and now NJ if I’m not mistaken.


The Silenus has arrived!

Only thrown it for a few minutes and it definitely has a more laid back feel. I dig it.


Silenus has reached the Atlantic. Greetings from down the shore!


Hey y’all! I’m wondering if anyone that contributed can identify some of the strings that were in the box. I liked the BWC one so much I had to order more and am curious what some of the others are.


Looks like it’s that time again for the Silenus to move on. First one to reply with “I’ll take it”, gets it for free for the next month. Once I see it, I’ll PM you for your address.

The only catch is, after your month is up, you will be responsible for shipping it to the next recipient.

But beware! The one who breaks the chain will be forever cursed with dud bearings and knotted GT’s for the rest of their days.


I’ll take it!


PM’d you

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The Silenus is currently en route to the next destination with @craZivn and I just wanted to thank @dizzo for starting this whole thing. I’m glad to have been a part of the journey and am excited to see where it goes from here.


Ohboyohboyohboyoboy… The Silenus has returned to it’s home state, and just in time to accompany me to the county fair in Rosholt this weekend!

I can’t believe how smooth this thing is and what great condition! One teensy mark on it that I only found on the second time around and I’ll have to compare it back-to-back with my Speedaholic to actually see which is smoother.

If anyone can identify some of the strings that this throw has accumulated on it’s journey, help us out! I’m personally looking forward to testing the Bad Wolfes and would love to know what some of the others are! I’ll include some (labeled) Alphaline and Plutonium when I have to move the Silenus on in a month.

Thanks @Shapapy for excellent packaging!



Awesome! Glad you’re enjoying it so far. The little bag of white strings are some Sochi T Strings I threw in to the mix. I’m curious to know what those super springy hot pink ones are.

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this is the coolest idea man. wow.


Sweet! I’ll give one of those a whirl too during it’s visit and put a little label card in the bag for future Silenus companions.

I too am curious about those pink strings, I haven’t played with them but the color is awesome.


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I’m not ready to send the Silenus on yet, but thought I’d post a quick update! So far it’s been to a county fair to take in a softball tournament, historical school museum and some wrestling, and also to a second carnival that I happened upon at random.

I think, after comparison, that the Silenus might be a tad smoother than my Speedaholic but it’s extremely close, both have just the tiniest hint of nail vibe. I still like the way my Speed’ plays better but I think H shapes are just my thing.

Here are a few pics of it’s month back in Wisco so far!


I would like to give a congratulations to everyone that has been involved in this. This month marks the 1 year anniversary of the pay it forward silenus! There has not been a single hiccup in the entire year that i am aware of. I would like to thank you all for your involvement, and am looking forward to watching it keep going.
Great job!


I`ll take it, when its available.

Let`s give it a shot.

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As per the rules, you gotta wait until it’s announced as available and THEN the first one to reply in this thread gets it. There’s no waiting list, it’s all about being the first to spontaneously respond. So keep an eye on the thread toward the end of this month!