Pay it Forward - Motion YoYo - Centrifugal

I want to say thank you to each and every person that has supported Motion YoYo up until this point, it came to my realization that even though we have touched a lot of folks with our products, there is still a vast majority of folks that have yet to try our products. Being inspired by some of the other brands or even the generosity of personal individuals so I decided that to get the conversation started about our brand, let’s once again trust that the “pay it forward” won’t be broken.

The Icebow colorway was an Extremely popular colorway and I held a B grade back for exactly this venture, our runs have been fairly small so I haven’t been able to keep a whole lot of yo-yos back for something like this. Being a B grade it does have some minimal vibe in the catch zone but nothing on the string, and it does have an anno flaw on one of the cups. Other than that it’s in great shape.

The first person to get this YoYo was Theycallmecotton and I will also have AKYOYOMIKE help moderate this thread :sewing_needle: upon speaking withTheycallmecotton today he is ready to pass this on to the next person - however I will have him start us off.

All the rules apply, if you accept the YoYo you agree to accept the shipping cost to the next person, at any time I have the ability to recall the YoYo back to me and the person that has it will ship it back to me, I ask that you keep the YoYo a couple weeks and post photos, videos, and
your thoughts. Keep this going, excited to share our brand more in depth in this community!

  1. Theycallmecotton
  2. Lido
  3. Shwa
  4. Chrizsmh13
  5. TryCatchThrow
  6. bcorliss3
  7. Gurr
  8. rockstar
  9. safetypin
  10. adamantiumpops
  11. Beverchakus
  12. Cholax
  13. rkalajian
  14. Benthrowsyoyo
  15. DumpsterWonder
  16. DawgYo - Never responded
  17. Captrogers
  18. craZivn
  19. james123213
  20. faceplant
  21. Sgt1yoyo1
  22. @zaf
  23. @twistit
  24. @JosiahR
  25. @Ironical_Monocle1
  26. @Yoyo4life90

My time with this AMAZING yoyo is up. When I first seen this yoyo I was like WOW, this yoyo looks like a more comfortable version of one of by all time favorite yoyos (in terms of play feel), the Duncan Orbital Gtx and I just knew I had to try it. Well let me just tell you… This thing makes the orbital gtx feel like it was designed in the 90’s…its like motion took all of the negative feedback from the orbital and made it perfect. I would easily place this yo-yo in my top 5 favorite yoyos in terms of playfeel. You most def don’t won’t to miss out on trying this yoyo because if I was still buying and collecting yoyos, this would be one of the first I added to it.

Time to send this throw to the next person. The first person to respond saying I’ll take it gets it next. Here’s the catch. In 2 weeks (give or take a week) you must copy this post and send it on to someone else.

By accepting this, you are taking responsibility to pay shipping to the next person.

Lets see how long we can keep it going!
Simply be the first to say in this thread “ill take it”
I will pm you to get the addy.

Once you receive it please take a photo or video and post in this thread.

A pox on the one who breaks the chain!!

US only


I’ll take it! TY! I’ve been wanting to pick one up and playing first would really be nice since I don’t know anyone who has one near me.


Centrifugal is no joke! Keep an eye on this thread for your chance… I LOVE CENTRIFUGAL BY MOTION_YOYO!


Are we putting a list together or is it first come first serve? I would love to give it a go. Thanks!


I like the list idea - @Shwa you are next after @Lido


If we are doing a list, I would love to be added on there! Looks pretty cool!


I’d like to put myself on the list as well…

Thanks for doing this! It’s great to be able to try out throws like this!


Going to keep a running list on the first post for now


Always thought this looked really cool would like to be on the list as well if possible


Thanks for the Interest everyone! Hopefully this will spread the word that we are a legitimate contender in this market :slight_smile:


Add me to the list!!


id like to suggest we not have a list. Jeremy is a busy guy already… yye has a few pay it forward threads and i think we are all familiar how it works now… the 4 that claimed it already is fine but after that first to claim gets it.
We can all help keep the yoyo moving and safe with out Jeremy controlling a list. In the end its up to Jeremy… just my thought.
In the end @JEA86 will decide.


Hey guys you have a place on the list for me? I’d love to try a motion throw man! Oh yeah! So exciting with new people placing their Favs for sharing…… so cool……

Go Illini


Going to take the list to 10 for now and run through that Mike is right a really long list is gonna be super hard to keep up with but honestly 10 should be good.

Thank you all for the interest


Gonna keep my eyes on this thread. But I suppose it will be quite a long time.


I am hoping each person shares their thoughts and opinions (good and bad) about the YoYo in circulation- that’s my goal is to make more folks aware of the content we are brining to the table

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Fantastic yoyo, exicted to see this pass around happen @JEA86. This is a top 5 throw for me, glad more poeple are going to be able to get it in hand!


Yeah I am hoping more folks engage in this thread and ultimately engage with our brand, every single person that plays our yo-yos love them, but there isn’t a lot of public conversation about Motion, I am hoping this thread starts to peak interest… I would think that our throws rarely to never showing up on the BST would have created conversations…. Maybe the exact opposite happened :joy:


Don’t sleep on a chance to try a Centrifugal. It’s absolute amazing and one of my favorites.