Pay It Forward FTY - ProjectY PV44 & 138

Very nice! Enjoy! The journey continues!

Not sure i was clear, the orange string are MFD vines, the rest are all boutique made by @JesterDClown .


The only string I took was the orange :man_facepalming:


So far my favorite is the black one! The narrow catch zone is interesting to play, it sounds the best, and it looks AWESOME with Ann Connolly’s Paint Party string!
The smallest one is my least favorite, it feels a little heavy on the string for me. The larger purple one is fun but not as fun as the black one.

All three of them retain a deceptive amount of power in play! Several times I thought I was running out of steam with each of them, only to have it climb back up the string with surprising enthusiasm when I bound it. This is probably partly because they’re so smooth, but also the etched logo looks like it’s spinning slower than it actually is for some reason. Which is kinda cool!

All three of them are a little too snappy on the bind for me, and I get a snag here and there. If they belonged to me I’d swap out the pads to my preference but of course I’m not going to mess with these ones.

Here are a few shots I took today! Looking forward to more throw time with these for sure!



Awesome pics! Thank you!

The black is the PV44. The larger purple is the ProjectY and the smallest one is the 138.
Ya all of them have decptive power in them.
I think PV44 is my favorite as well.


awesome man!!!


Nice man!! My fav is the PV44 also


Just got a GoPro on Friday so I had to do some testing yesterday! Here are a few photos and video stills.

Also I realized I make funny faces when I throw.

The PV44 is still my favorite but the Project Y in the purple is just too photogenic to pass up.



Nice pics!!


Well, the time has come to set the trio on the road again! Here are the rules:

The first person to post “I’ll take it” here in this thread will be receiving these three fine specimens from Fair Trade Yoyos in the mail! (Continental U.S. only please.)

BUT here’s the catch: You may only keep the yoyos for about three weeks (give or take a few days) before making a post in this thread similar to this one, offering up the yoyos to the next person to say “I’ll take it.” You will then be responsible for shipping the yoyos to their next destination in a timely manner.

If you happen to be the lucky next recipient, please post a picture or video in this thread after you receive the yoyos! @AKYOYOMIKE has included some stickers in the box as well as some strings made by @JesterDClown, one string and one sticker per person please!
If there’s room in the box, I’ll be sending along a couple of my empty snuff tins as well. They’re a handy way to carry a spare string around in your pocket without it getting linty or dirty, or for storing small parts like bearings or axles.

So without further ado, let us set the game afoot once again! Eternal knuckle-busting snags to the person who breaks the chain!



I’ll take it.


Package has arrived safely!


Family photo with their fixie cousin.


Having spent some time with these, here are some quick thoughts.

The Project Y is probably my favorite, but I’m probably biased to organic shapes. The color is awesome! It plays great. I’ve reached for it probably as much as the other two put together.

The PV44 is my second favorite. The shape of the throw is very satisfying to hold in your hand. I have absolutely nothing like it in my collection, so I don’t have something to compare it to. With the eyes and the shape and the color the throw just looks mean (but in a good way).

The 138 is probably my least favorite, but I still like it a lot. It feels very similar to my Recess Snack and plays very similarly but maybe just a little more center weighted and less rim weighted.

I’ve definitely been throwing 1A more since I got these. So far, I learned laceration (the mount, not the bind; I already knew that one), zipper, cold fusion, and started working on skin the gerbil. I also learned a few new binds but don’t know how to uniquely identify them (the one on the breakaway where you backflip into it first?).

Thanks so much for the opportunity! I’ll probably post to pass these on later this week.


NOOOOOOO! You have to post it now!!! :slight_smile: only cause I’m watching. I’ll surely miss it when you post.


And that’s exactly how I will feel if I try to do this :roll_eyes:


The time has come for these to hit the road again.

Heres that catch. In 3 weeks (give or take a few days) you must copy this post and send it on to someone else.

By accepting this, you are taking responsibility to pay shipping to the next person. The box Im shipping out weighs 12 Oz so keep that in mind when you claim it next, shipping should still be around $5-6. Please U.S. destinations only!

Lets see how long we can keep it going!
Simply be the first to say in this thread “ill take it”
I will pm you to get the addy.

Once you receive it please take a photo or video and post in this thread.

I will include a sign in sheet for everyone that receives it to sign.

A pox on the one who breaks the chain!!!


I’ll take it


Package is away! I included a 10 pack of Original Throw String Normal in case anyone wants to try it.


Package arrived safely had to chase down my postman but they made it haha :joy: