Paul Han onestar

Does anyone have a review

I liked it when I used it, but I wish they would have taken the gap in a bit more.

I just got mine 30 minutes ago and I like it more than the protostar. It’s a better grinder and it’s quicker.
The only bad thing is the weight, it’s only 62 grams making it have shorter spin times. The onestar also have caps, making it impossible to thumb grind, even if you take them out. So overall it’s an amazing yoyo for the price.

Thanks none of my yoyos grind
Ps I lost my vexed yoyo

Thumb grind?

Read my review :slight_smile:

I have
Just after I sent that post

You really cant thumb grind because it has caps. I would recommend picking one up. Another great plastic is the Alpha Crash by C3 which in my opinion is a better all around throw

I got mine a couple of days ago and it’s way better than alpha crash