Paste wax

Can I use paste wax to polish a yoyo, like MFD Buff? We have a can sitting around.

I thought paste wax was a wax used to finish wood, or apply to the bottom of snowboards/skis?
you want an aluminum polish, like mothers.

If you want to try it though, feel free. I could definitely be wrong.

Is it anodized?

Ask A Polisher, but I doubt it would work because it’s meant for Slickness, polish is meant to “polish” but like he said ^^ I could be wrong ;).

Depending on what I may be doing at times I may buff at the final stage. Certain compounds I use have wax in them as well as grease. Using a straight paste wax to polish would be a stretch I think as the wax contains no abrasive.

However! If you plan on rubbing it with a cloth and the paste your gonna need new fingers if you used something like a small buff on a dremel or drill you may get better results. The buff itself may be enough of an abrasive along with your paste. Ideally an ultra fine finish on your aluminum would receive the best benefit of your paste project.

Worth a shot regardless and please post results if you proceed.