How do you polish a raw (no finish/anno) yoyo?

I just got a SWEET proto of the YYJ Karma and I wanna polish her up pretty like for a photo shoot… How does one do that… I would prefer no chemicals if possible. I have babies.


It’s pretty easy! If you removing anodize or dings, then start sanding on a drill with 150 grit, then start wetsanding with 220, then 320, then 400, then 600, and keep going up the grits until you reach 2000 grit, at that point, finish off with 000 grade steel wool and Mothers Aluminum Polish. Check my polishing thread and you can see how shiny the yoyo gets!

A can of maguire’s car wax does wonders :wink:

I use Mothers, but I should try that lol.