Polishing beat yoyo

I have a question: I have a really beat collector yoyo (the bluestar G5 which you can see in my B/S/T, link in the sig), and some sandpaper lying around, with all the varied grits up until a very fine one. Is it worth polishing it, and if I do a good job, would it be valued more from it looking presentable yet modded, or beat and dirty but original.

Also: How would I go around making clean “strips”, that is to say, how do I polish just the rims without making it go outside of the territory I’d like it to?

If I end up doing this I’ll be sure to post result pics :slight_smile:


Wow ok… Polishing is a long sometimes frustrating job. For the first time you will not be able to get a good strip job without much frustration. I have tried my hand at just full yoyo polishes and its difficult. With time and a strong will almost anything is possible but I would highly recommend you find something (preferably high grade aluminum or another yoyo) to practice on. Or u could send it to somebody here on yoyoexpert who has experience in that sort of thing. My personal recommendation is yoyospirit but there are several others who do great work too.

Polishing would possibly raise the value but it might not if its a special edition.

Generally this is how you polish a aluminum object. First you start at lower grit paper (maybe around 200 grit) and go up from there all the way to about 1000-2000 grit. Then you use a rag and some aluminum polish (the Mother’s brand works great. Make sure it’s aluminum polish though) and finish it that way. Just a warning though… it’s not as easy as it might seem. Good luck.

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Does it have the possibility of causing vibe?

Polishing shouldn’t cause any vibe.

you can dip your yoyo in caustic soda, which will remove all the anodizing and you can polish it or re-anodize it

Although then it would be quite hard to tell that it is a rare G5

Thats the thing :slight_smile: Whole point is that it is a “blue star” G5, if it’s not blue or there is no longer a star, then I would have polished and re-anno’d as soon as I had the chance

I glanced at your G5 and a simple rim polish would be appropriate I feel. You can maintain all of the other stock ano and effects while removing the damaged areas on the rim.

I have seen and repaired much worse so you should be just fine.

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Alright, thanks! I’ll get to work on it tonight, I’ll be sure to post pics of my results later :slight_smile: