Anybody know how to make yoyo raw?


I really want to get my yoyo raw then polish but I don’t know how, pm me if u know how


It’s an aluminum yoyo right?

First, attach it to a drill by the axle.
Second, take some 150 to 220 grit sand paper and lightly sand the yoyo while the drill is spinning until the anodize is gone and you’re left with a smooth silver color surface.
Third, if you want to polish it, take som 320 grit sand paper and lightly sand it, then 400, then 600, you can keep on going higher if you want. To finish off, take some 0000 grade steel wool and rub the yoyo.
Fourth, to have a mirror like finish, take some Mothers Aluminum Polish and rub it on the yoyo.’

You can buy all the materials at Wal-Mart.