Paris yoyo contest!!!!
Dear friends and yoyo players
you are kindly invited to the 3 rd paris yoyo contest ,
taking place in paris , france on Nov 28th
entry fee is free for international players

1A and X div
sports ladder and fast challenge

the venue is located in central paris
just near the “Beaubourg” area

we’ll host 2 international players :
Krisztian Kaluzsa (Hungary)

and Jensen Kimmit(US)
you’re all welcome

contact :

france yoyo

i wish i could go to a contest

dear all
we’d like to thank the Italian and the Czech yoyo association for their help , even if we haven’t been able to share part of the expenses involved in Jensen’s visit to Europe…the thing is that , we had not planned on organizing a « big » contest in the first place and our budget for this year 2009 is already in the red.
The Paris yoyo contest is meant to attract the new players who arrived recently on the scene , to give them a maximum boost in a short time and for that we didn’t really need international guests…Of course now we’re delighted to host Jensen and Kristian : it’s an unexpected opportunity for the French players.
What we plan to do now ,is to organize an auction or a lottery to make up for Jensen ’ s air ticket and accommodation.
We wish you Italian and Czech yoyo players, a very successful national contest
good luck and thanx for your comprehension

fyya board members

Sounds exciting!