Parents don't like how I yoyo too much. Any help?

They don’t like my “obsession”

What do they think would be better for you?

Baseball, I love baseball, I mean love but…

just ask them if they would rather have you a druggy…

Maybe keep your yo-yoing more focused and less obsessive. Balance your throwing with other activities so it doesn’t appear to be the only thing you do. Parents have concerns that aren’t always shared by kids but their concerns generally have merit. After all they want the best for you.

I wouldn’t approach them as, “Would you rather I did this terrible awful thing?” The reason being is that defiance is often met with negative energy and gets you no where. I’d take the approach of, “I really do love to yoyo and hope to be great at it, that takes practice, but at the same time I see your point, I hear what you’re saying. I’ll balance it out with some other things.”

When you can listen to, and care about your parent’s concerns, things often will just work out. I was most always able to find some common ground with my parents and when I couldn’t, even though I didn’t like it, I knew they had my back.


Great response skitrz!

I concur. I think the biggest worry of parents right now is “is my kid going to be healthy”. Balance yoyo with some physical activity and making sure you are doing well in whatever you main thing is (school, work? I don’t know how old you are), and you should be fine.

Because its impossible to do drugs and play yoyo at the same time…

Confused what drugs and yoyos have to do with each other in this instance.

the kids parents are just being dumb. pointing out that he could really give them something to worry about might make them think about their bogus judgement. my parents gave me this attitude a handful of times regarding my hobbies, and I think it’s disgusting. then again maybe his parents are still in high school and think baseball is better or more important than anything else. they probably aren’t passionate about anything themselves and are jealous, which is quite sad considering this is THEIR CHILD. saying things like this to your kids can only strain your relationship with them. sad that they don’t understand that.

Just tell them it is a sport and just show them how hard that you work.

Show them an awesome trick, then they will accept your desire to perform even more awesome tricks.

Do what Skitz said.

Shouldn’t you be on the top of a mountain in Mongolia or something? You are so wise.

I don’t see how baseball counts as physical activity. You just stand around on the field or wait to hit then you have about 5 seconds of running involved and none if it requires mental strength other than “I have to throw the ball to first or tag this guy out.”