Parents of Yoers!

Today a parent came up to me at baseball and said how cool it was how my son YoYos and I am involved. I thought that was nice . And in Good Karma I want to just pass along the Ju Ju ! So here is to all you parents and Guardians who bring there kids to contests and practices and demos! For without you all the sport would not be as good as it is ! Yoing brings great kids together kids with passion for it ! And isn’t it all about the kids and watching them grow ! I have seen my son barely carry his case around without falling over lol . Now I see him trying his best in contests and on the Worlds stage and it is a great feeling after 7 years to see all that go full circle ! So thank you all .The fruits of your labor are evident in the fact that Yoing has grew leaps and bounds ! Kids rock and so do you folks ! Peace Jim

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Yeah, my mom brought me to a yoyo demonstration when I was young and I was, I guess you can say, Hidemasa hooked.

I get that a lot. I have to explain I was into it first and then he joined in.

When I was going through the airports on my recent international trip of angst and aggravation, a lot of people thought it was cool I was carrying my kid’s yoyos. I said “no, these two bags are mine, he has his own bag”. Kind of shocked a few people.

As parents, we need to lead by example. If not, we need to support what they do that we can approve of and discourage that which we don’t.

I won’t disagree with certain aspects. If it wasn’t for parents supporting their kids’ activities, yoyo would have gone away a while ago and contests would be a fraction of what they are today. Yoyo transcends age, gender, race and religion and brings all together who enjoy it.

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I’ll adopt you


Oh pick me! Pick me!

On a very related note, if my future son refuses to yo-yo I will beat the poop out of him till he does. Might be excessive but ,after all, daddies know best :wink:

Yeah, “No dinner until you hit that Jade Whip!” :wink:

Seriously though, I’m always careful that I don’t try to live vicariously through my boy. I’ll introduce him to different stuff, but I ain’t going to force him to do anything (unless it’s math, reading, etc).

If I keep yoyoing till the age were children are appropriate then I would love to me able to teach my child to yoyo if they choose. already teaching my dad who was in the yoyoing phase way back when

Here’s to all the parents supporting their kids in everything. Nothing says “I love you” quite like unconditional support.


Kracky Yuki I could not have said that better ! Cheers Mate … Watch out for those wallabees! Since your in Aussie land you must be a Werrd fan !!!

pun city!

Is Pun city in Australia ??? :slight_smile:

Great post! I like to encourage like we’re a team… We get away from chores and homework… Sometimes mom! Ha ha. It’s no different from throwing the ball around! Like its time to unwind the yo yo! If he wants to do contests I’ll be there if not, we have our own arena! It’s funny but I think having him be so interested has pushed me to be as well!

You know that commercial where the guy breaks stuff and wrecks stuff and then Looks at his kid and says “Don’t tell your Mother” Wouldn’t it be a riot if the son was trying to show his dad a YoYo
Trick and the Dad throws and break a light and says Don’t tell your Mother !

That’s only a matter of time in my house!

Studio ! The only time you run out of chances is when you stop taking them !!! Throw away Sir !

Will do. I’ve been hitting the ceiling a bit doing 4A indoors. I am working SO hard to get the one-handed whip bind down on the Jet Set. I can do it fine on the Fiesta XX and the Go Big.

My boy’s Fiesta XX needs to be replaced, so I’ll get him a new one at BAC, and probably a Go Big too!