Man, that’s the kind of place where minutes turn into hours and hours turn into days…


Or you can go to a yoyo club ???


I’m very perplexed by you’re response. How does going to a yoyo club compare in any way to going to a wonderfully stocked store like the one in the video? That feels like saying “why go to computer store when you can just go to a LAN party?” or “why go to a sporting goods store when you can just play baseball?”
Your confusion seems purely pedantic.


Is there anything relatively close to this in America?


It seems that there is something like that in USA :


If I remember correctly, I’m pretty sure they shut down just about a month ago. Don’t quot me on that though.


Yes, YoyoJoe’s did shut down.


That’s sad :frowning:


I’m moving to Tokyo,…


But then you’ll be farther from YYJ!


Gah, that’d be my worst nightmare.


They are shuttin down I dont think they have yet.


Yea, they’re still selling off as much stock as they can.


Oh, sorry about that, I thought they had already shut down. My bad.


I am visiting there! My family and I are taking a trip to new york, and it’s super close to the route we are taking. We are going to stop! Apparently, the have hours, bvsm2’s puffins and chiefs!


There is a brick and mortar yoyo shop in chicago and im in the suburbs I want to make a trip one day when I have enough cash to pick something up. Maybe make a trip with my brother so we can both get out of the house


Good point. I’ll stay here.




I’m going at Tokyo on a trip around the world and I have a budget of like 150$ for all the souvenirs I’ll found.