yoyo stores in nyc

i might be going to new york city do any of you know about any yoyo stores that are in manhatten. i know that yyn closed so kind of bumed out but is there any thing else there now?

Nothing at all , i live in ny it sucks no one yoyos besides like me and brian melford , you can go to the big toys are us they might have something but other than that nothing yoyonation used to be in nyc but it closed down

You can get you a YYF One at Toys R Us! woohoo

haha ny sucks i cant wait to move to arizona

That’s quite a change!

yup i know its great for me cuz yyf is there

Why? Family moving for a job?

my dad has better work there and we just love it there i was there recently to visit and look at houses our house is going up for sale soon

Watch out for the monster spiders! :-\

haha i saw one when i was there but its not that often you see them , when i was there i went to a yoyo club and met tyler severance and harold owens , they dont have yoyo clubs near me in ny

It’s funny, out here in fly over country we have been lead to believe the Big Apple is the Mecca for anything and everything one might be into. It’s seems strange to think a little town like Manitou Springs, Colorado would have a larger brick and mortar yo-yo merchandiser than can be found in all of New York City.

The only city that has anything you could possibly want is Tokyo. Maybe Paris.

I don’t see myself making it to either one of those localities any time soon.