YoYo stores in NJ?

Im looking for a store that sells metals around North Jersey and New York. Anybody know of any? I have been searching for one and can’t find any. THANKS ;D

Good luck. If you have an Air Traffic around you then check there.

the nation is in NY

Come down to YoYoJoe’s in Wilmington, DE

I live in NJ… and the only ‘brick & mortar’ places I’ve ever bought yo-yo’s are:

Toys R Us - selling Duncans & Yomegas
The Shore/Wildwood - Kite stores on the boardwalk sell various yo-yos.

I would except that would be a long drive…

3-4 hour drive from Tom’s river, but it is an amazing store.

This is WAY off topic but I love the Corn Snake! I used to have a Dumeril Boa but she passed on :frowning:

where is the nation??