Paracord Projects..

I was thinking about starting a Paracord buisness. Maybe not yoyo related. But then again, maybe some yoyo stuff here and there.

A few ideas.

Maybe holsters (don’t want to copy Mah buddy Legyoyo)

Monkey Fist, little ball. In YYE and other Colorways.



Survival Braclets. (YYE or other Colorways!)

Dog collar (if you want a YYE Dog Collar lol)…

Even a watch. YYE colorway haha!

Other various things you can think off.

Most of it would be around 5.00 or so. Maybe 10+ for Holsters or Dog collars.

If you don’t have a place to get paracord pretty cheap let me know I’ve got a place here in alabama that sells it by the foot, 7 cents a foot I believe. I would love to see some stuff like that here

You should try to make paracord counterweights if that could work

keychain Abby would buy, lanyard Abby would buy, watch Abby would buy (if it’s Yoyo proof), dog collar Abby would buy for doggy. (I need a second collar for a puppy cam so basically me hooking up my camera to our dogg) if you could think of anything I would probably buy it.

So I think I’ll start selling :stuck_out_tongue:

Taking one persons word on it is a terrible idea. Just make a few for fun and then show them off. The stuff is really inexpensive and very strong. Actually, with paracord, if you remove the outer shell of the cord, the thread-core of it can be used in some survival situations by being able to use the thread for fishing or tying something back together that requires small threading.

Also in fact paracord can be used to repel down the side of a mountain or a building (and its amazingly easy to get a ton of it braided or knotted up and easier to carry around. This paracord is amazing and all great used that Miami mentioned as well.

Bracelets and stuff like that work best when you measure first.