Making holsters, should I sell them?


I have been making holsters for myself for a while, and I realized I might be able to sell them. Right now i have made up one that uses one color, but being a boy scout, I can figure out a double or triple color one. It has a loop at the top that slides up and down to hold your throw in place. I took pics using a board with 1 inch squares, so you can see the size. I used this one to carry around my avalanche today, and it was a bit bigger than I like. I will try to make the weave smaller, with a bigger piece of string to slide up and down at the top, so it can hold any size of yo-yo. Here are some pics, post what you think about it, and what you would pay for a holster like this. If you guys like it, I will put about 5-10 of them on my BST, and you guys can try them out. If the general response is positive, I will make them out of paracord, and start selling those. Thank you!


Here’s another weave I made. It doesn’t look that great, but I know it would look much better using paracord. It could be 2 colors, but I need to buy some different colors of rope first.


I say…why not? If it’s something you enjoy, others might enjoy it too. Play around with designs and materials and get some honest opinions about it. If everything seems favorable, go for it.


I have a video of how the opening and closing works on instagram. I’ll tag you so you can see. Also, thank you! I will try to get some paracord and see how that looks.


made a logo real quick on an app.


Honestly, I wouldn’t buy one. Only because I have one very similar to it. Every person making holsters these days seems to be using paracord. It’s getting kind of old.

But they look like a real solid design. I’m sure you be able to sell some.


I could sell rope and paracord versions of the same thing.


Update: I will only be selling the design on the top, for now. I did not like the second one, because it would not slide up and down, so my yo-yo kept falling out.


Also, if you want one, they are for sale now on my BST! I don’t have a bulk supply of carabiners or rope yet, so for now, I only have the green/yellow ones, with no carabiners.


Here they are!


I would recommend you buy some carabiners, even if you have to just go buy a few non-bulk. I have a feeling most people won’t want to buy a holder that doesn’t work out of the box. Just my $0.02.