First paracord holster!!!


Made by yours truly. What do you guys think? I hope this in the right section.


That’s pretty sweet! Wouldn’t mind having one myself :slight_smile:


It was super easy and cheap, the paracord was only $3 at Home Depot for like 30 ft.


Man, you really don’t even need that holster. Looks like you’ve already been dragging it on the concrete everywhere you go. lol


I always wonder how some people have throws that bad. Is it because they play over concrete?

I play in a carpeted area, but i’d totally buy a throw rug if I didn’t have a soft area already, LOL.

Sweet paracord holster, though. I wanted to make one myself, but I just use the YYF one I got for free. Not that I use it much, I’m kind of embarrassed to throw in public, everyone I know in real life really hates that I never gave up this hobby.


Lol! I’m not sure how it got so dinged up either. I have only been throwing since last October and that one I got in December, call it being a noob.