Panorama Yo-Yo by One Drop: Guy With a Yo-Yo Feature

I hope you didn’t miss the drop, but either way come and check out this feature on the Panorama by One Drop Yo-Yos!


Is this worth it if I already own a nitro and sudo?

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Great video! I really enjoy your videos! Thank you for this @ThatFlippinGuy!
Yes I was intrigued by the panorama and picked one up today. Really looking forward to trying it out!

Much like the Nitro is different than the Sudo the Panorama is different than both.

Nitro feels light and fast; Sudo feels solid and smooth but not super rim weighted and the Panorama feels rim weighted and powerful. It also is designed with a certain playstyle in mind.

I have a Panorama, Intro, Nitro, Sudo, Parley and still feel the Pano adds something different. To the roster!

Keep in mind I am a One Drop YoYo addict so take this with a grain of salt.


Appreciate you checking it out, what Colorway did you grab?


I grabbed one in Saturday Market. :slight_smile:


I’m not convinced someone blindfolded could actually tell the difference between the 6 or 7 organic OD throws out in the last couple years that all look and play exactly the same. Actually no blindfold necessary I suppose lol. Would love someone to line all of them up and then have people play them and name which is which. I can’t believe my complaints about OD almost a decade later are the same. Why with their resources and machining expertise and exposure are they not making anything to even moderately push the boundaries? Why is it smaller companies that are the ones making unique shapes, using unique material combinations, trying new things? It’s honestly pathetic. Most of us would rather pay $10 more for something different than the same ol’ mid-priced rehashes of already rehashed designs. I mean at least throw us a D-bearing or bimetal or something, pretty please.

Because smaller companies have no capital equipment and can walk away from a wild idea or a failed attempt without losing their livelihoods. (disclaimer- I have no idea how much machining they do outside of yoyos) More to your point, they’re making what people want as far as I can tell. Most of their stuff sells. Seems like your issue lies with the preferences of buyers.
Edit- I’m sure you know but you’re not the only one who feels that way. I’ve seen that complain pop up plenty of times over the years and I get it. I just think it’s a bit dramatic to call their business model pathetic


I’m not sure how anyone could play the 6-7 organic throws they’ve made and say they play the same :man_shrugging:

Seriously, unless you’re a new player these yoyos play nothing alike.

Downbeat 2020

These are the 6 organics they’ve made since 2017. Parlay was a collab with StaticCo, which I believe was mostly a design by Static. Intro and Nitro are based on the same yoyo, but slightly different design and play nothing alike.


If you had to keep 2 of the more recent organics which would you choose? Just curious what your favorites are. @AaronW or anyone else that has input on the panorama.

From OneDrop? I’d go with the Parlay and Panorama. I love them both, but I REALLY love the Panorama.


I love one drop and their throws but sometimes I just need an opinion that says is this one of the best and am I going to actually keep this. Thanks @AaronW for answering this for me.


Everyone has different taste. I love organic OD, probably my favorite kind of throws and I feel like they play differently, but I understand why you feel that all organics. I feel the same way about other throws. For example, I feel like the SF Cadence and Statement look the same but many feel like they are different. I guess if you really like a certain style of throws, you can feel the differences that others may not notice. At least thats how I look at it. :man_shrugging:

Im excited to try the Panorama because its thinner and I like thin throws.


Wow, this is an inflammatory message if I’ve ever seen one! It’s fine if you are not a fan of One Drop’s designs but a lot of people are. I would say that their catalogue has a wide variety of designs and I commend them for doing their own thing and not following the trends of other brands. And if anything, I would say that their designs continue to influence the designs of other brands.

I’m not really sure how you have reached your conclusions, sure OD has not bothered with making bimetal yoyos, but otherwise they have made yoyos out of so many different types of materials. And above all, they excel at making the most of materials like 7075 and they use that alloy much better than most other yoyo designers.

Actually, I could easily tell the difference between the Markmont. Classic and the MC Magnum Opus in a blind test and they are nearly indistinguishable in appearance and weight. The reason is that they play discernibly differently, and that’s due to OD’s ability with yoyo design.


Ok lemme get ahead of myself and say that I already want a 7075 version in one of those light solid colors like the Nitro


I would buy any metal combination they want to make of this yoyo, especially titanium :grin:


Well there seems to be a rather large crowd of people that disagree with you considering how many they made for the run and the fact they came in 12 different colorways and every single one of them sold out :thinking:


Make that 18 different colorways!