New release from One Drop - The Panorama!

From One Drop: There are a lot of excellent yoyos in existence now. To us, as players, this is a joyous thing. With that said, I realized at some point that yoyos tend to fall into one of two groups:

Yoyos which you never really stop playing with. Without thinking about it, you leave them somewhere handy after a session. You pick them up again the next day, and again the next day. So it goes, day after day for months on end until suddenly… You realize that you’ve used them consistently for years.

Yoyos which you play with for a few days, then put back in the box. What’s the difference between these two kinds of yoyos? I’m certainly not saying that the latter yoyos don’t play well (and actually, it’s probably harder to find a bad playing yoyo than it is to find a good one these days). In a lot of cases, these are yoyos which, at first, I have felt are really nice.

It’s hard to identify, but this distinction was at the forefront of my mind throughout the process of designing the Panorama. My primary objective was to create a yoyo that falls into the former category, a yoyo that is never far from your reach - An authentic yoyo. In order to make the Panorama a reality, it was absolutely essential to capture this.

High walls for increased control, rims that seem to adapt to your hand on the catch. These are some of the traits of authentic yoyos from which I took inspiration during the Panorama design process. However, these things alone do not make an authentic yoyo. After all, sometimes high walls can cause stress, and weight distribution designed to maximize spin time can cause a yoyo to feel out of control. Similarly, nice playing yoyos do not always transcend the era in which they were created.

Panorama is a yoyo built with all of these things in mind, and in keeping with the sensibilities of the modern competitive scene - like a hybrid of cutting-edge tech found in a well-tuned F1 machine combined with the flavor of a classic car from the 50s. A yoyo which seems to consistently appear in your hand and thus becomes a part of your lifestyle. It is my hope that the Panorama will become this kind of yoyo for you.

Releasing Friday 11/5 @ 8PM EDT.


This concept have been on my mind for months, I’m so glad that OneDrop are aiming to make that a reality with this release.

I want one. Its such a shame that USPS aren’t posting to Australia right now.:disappointed:


Really? How come?

Fedex is and not too much more expensive.

I have no Idea, but it’s really unfortunate. I have a 50/50 I ordered. Still sitting in the US after I ordered it. It’s been a long time and hasn’t moved an inch. I’m basically giving up hope of seeing that yoyo arrive. :disappointed:

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That’s funny.

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Maybe I’m mistaken, but last time I checked it was about 18 for USPS and 27 for Fedex.

This yo looks tight.

The description of this yoyo is spot on. It is a joy to hold and to play and stays out ready to play. It probably finds my hand once per day and that’s among a really sizeable collection. One of the standouts of the past year and one of my favorite One Drops ever. Gonna be a HOT drop!


This is what USPS’s Service Alert page says as of 2021-10-05 (latest update available):


Australia Post advises that operations at its Melbourne offices of exchange (IMPC codes beginning with AUMEL) are currently disrupted owing to government-imposed measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The associated restrictions are having a significant impact on the processing and delivery of inbound and outbound mail items. Australia Post requests that mail destined for the Melbourne offices of exchange be sent to the Sydney offices of exchange (IMPC codes beginning with AUSYD) while these measures remain in place.

So, COVID-19 restrictions essentially. Interestingly enough though is that they’re still accepting USPS packages if they’re sent Priority Mail Express International, which, oof, is pricy:


Couldn’t have said it better myself!


Wouldn’t be so hot if y’all piped down about it! :joy:


One of my all time favorite yoyos. YWET is always first to me, but the Panorama is a very close 2nd. Love this yoyo so much.


How does it play compared to markmont classic


The Panorama plays a lot denser then the MC, initially I thought it played like a Slim Dunk version of a Markmont Classic with Brass SEs.


I’d agree with Exmime. The Panorama still has a little float to it, but it’s a solid yoyo. It’s not a technical yoyo. If you watch Tsukasa’s playing it’s perfect for stuff like that and old/mid-school tricks. The MC is in my top 12 yoyos, I don’t think they overlap at all and worth owning both. I have 4 Panoramas (v1 proto, v2 proto and 2 production runs) it’s a really great yoyo. Hoping they keep running it, and I’m REALLY hoping that OneDrop will do an Unknown edition Panorama eventually.


We need a Tiorama. Just saying.


And a DelOrama (delrin) as well :grin: I actually think a delrin panorama would be really, really great! A ti version would be AMAZING.


Why’s this throw so hyped? I feel like I have to buy one lol


It just checks all my nostalgia boxes, easy to pocket, and is a great performer. In my top 5 for the foreseeable future.