PandaJoe's Strings

Herrre ya go joe


They look nice.

there 100% poly but NOT FOR SALE YET!!!

You got mine yet Cameron?

They look great! Can’t wait to play them!

There seem to be more and more new string sellers coming out.


makin’ mine yet?

r you a skater because of the black label
i had a black label skateboard

ya i skate my user name was gonna be KumaSkater but i wanted to put more yoyo into it. but ya i skate black label, its my favorite compony.

Buy Some THREADZ. I got a review coming for Mitch soon hopefully. ;D

cool ;D

Awh why’ed you name em black label? :open_mouth:
Shoulda took my name idea. :stuck_out_tongue:
And the price is too expensive for a string that tears and messes up easily.

no they dont thats just the one on my fhz because its made loose cuz its less responsive. ive been using the same one since before our trip matt.

But, you should see the one I have. It’s all ripped up and stuff.

Dude i never gave you one…
Plus if i did it was one of my first ones ive been making them better dude.

Yeah on the trip. o_O
whatever. I need another one xD.

Oh lol ya you chose an old old one lol i think it was one of my first ones i use more thread now and 100%poly and wind it tighter

Oh thanks dude. >_<

Your welcome, hey when do you leave?