My New Strings

Ok I’m starting to make new strings and if i get good reviews ill start to sell them. But until then I need to know what to name them, it’s either Black Label Strings or Trinity Threads please tell me which name you guys prefer.

Also you can leave any suggestions to what you think the name should be!

OK well Trinity Threads won so im gonna go with that. :frowning: lol well i got new threads YAY Blue, White, Green, Orange, and Red!!! so in a couple of days maybe a week ill start selling strings!!!

i like black label strings or like your name “Player String/threadz”

Trinity threads, Because I made it up, And it sounds cool.
Team Trinity! :smiley:

I told you trinity strings then you just said threads

I know. I made that name.
You made up the name Trinity Strings.
I made up the name Trinity threads. xD

Threadz is already taken my Adam.

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No one mentioned naming it Threadz and i know

He meant Player Strings or Player Threadz was what i thought

Trinity Threads.

OH YEAH! another for trinity!

shut up… your a LEG!!!

Who be stealin my name?!?!?! Jk, it was probly an accident. Thanks Evan. ;D

Trinity threads!

trinity threads

I would go with trinity threads,
Black label is a skateboarding company btw if you didn’t know… :stuck_out_tongue:

He knows. :stuck_out_tongue:
He skates one.

Im going with Trinity Threads